Tips for family holidays

Planning a family holiday is a feat that requires time and dedication, nowadays with the dynamism we live, often time is not a resource we have. For this reason, we'll tell you some tips to help you better organize your family vacations so you do not die trying ;)

Take into account the age, health conditions and personal preferences of each member of your household, remember that if you travel with elderly and children you should have choices and activities for both generations, if you ignore these details grandparents can get tired very quickly or children can get bored.

Brainstorming for planning vacations together. Travel experts found that most successful family vacations are those that involve parents and children in the choice of destinations and planning the trip, which also applies when traveling with groups of different generations.

Establish a group budget and one for each member, to have control over spending and also to calculate the price per person for the trip. Is important to assess how much is spent on meals, tips, recreational activities, especially for little kids, something unforeseen, among others. Remember that each family member has their expectations of the trip, what to do and eat, which is why it is better to assess the needs of each to take them into account when making the final selection.

Involve all generations and allow them to select specific activities, so they'll fell they are taken into account and excited about the trip, if you have a tight budget (we have here some tips to save money and travel more), assign a fixed amount which must not be exceeded to select what they like the most. In the case of children, you could motivate them to investigate the internet to find things they like to do on this travel.

Be flexible and consider the needs of each age group of the family, even if everything is already planned and any family member decides to do something different (which is not affecting that much the budget) allow them to do so without resistance to avoid group tension. Also, older people may require more time to rest and recover, is not worth attending activities with little encouragement because that can affect the whole family.

It is useful to list what everyone should carry on their luggage for the trip; if you're the planner, you can find and share information about what will be useful and what to leave to not exceed the maximum weight of luggage, besides, also make a list of necessary travel documents (passports, visas, travel permits) if there's only one parent, remember to bring an authorization from the other parent because authorities often request it. Sharing all this information with your family will set you free from guilt in the event that any member forgets to pack something important.

Prepare a small kit of medicines that do not require a prescription and which are usually used for headaches, dizziness, stomach aches, allergies, etc..

Finally, it is important to remember why everybody went on vacation and capture all those moments shared with family, remember to bring camera, chargers, batteries, memory, in short, everything you need to remember later those special experiences everybody shared and that are unlikely to be repeated under the same circumstances, so relax, enjoy and experience everything that's new without forgetting to take pictures ;-)


The idea of ​​traveling during the holidays is to leave the stress and daily concerns behind, take a break from work to recover and return renewed to face again our strenuous routine. Many times if we are the family travel planner, we make the mistake of returning to our daily lives with more stress than we had, so we recommend you to enjoy every moment, even the unexpected because after all, that's what the holidays are also about! getting out of routine and live unique and special moments... this way, you'll be able to get the positive effects of travel and vacation in your health.


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