For about 12 years, megaVENEZUELA had been a travel agency, focused exclusively on promoting Venezuela as a tourist destination... and now, more recently, we have a renewed purpose... we want to discover and reveal experiences and connections that drive impact positive, sustainable and prosperous in our country.

What are we doing now?

To begin with, we are promoting our online reservation application, through which enthusiastic explorers will be able to search for accommodation, experiences, entrepreneurs... anyway! options to travel and enjoy our Venezuelan tourist side; and at the same time, tour operators have a streamlined and useful technological platform that drives their growth and facilitates their daily operations, both at the marketing and logistics level.

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We will focus on providing valuable information to both Venezuelan and foreign tourists that will serve as a base and support for their trip in Venezuela. We want everyone from all corners of the planet to know and be excited to come, to marvel at our beautiful landscapes and to share with our people, our culture and traditions.

It goes without saying all the natural advantages that we have in Venezuela. Our focus is then to unify the information:

that travelers find it easier to find information and make decisions, and
for tour operators to have a more robust online presence, with the intrinsic benefit of boosting both national and international sales..

Moreover, we hold our ground...

We have been working in national tourism and cultural institutions for 30 years. In the area of tourism we have been from the side of the press, both in digital media and in traditional media; marketing with the travel agency and at the operation level with the CARIBEaquí Restaurant that we had in Los Roques.

Now, we are combining this experience with the area of web marketing (in which we also have extensive experience), to offer solutions suitable to the uniqueness of the national market. We know the Venezuelan tourism industry first hand, its advantages and shortcomings. And here we are to contribute to the banishment of what we consider to be one of the greatest weakness and barriers to the growth of our industry: digital accessibility... also, it is what we are good at, where we are sure that our contribution will promote a positive, sustainable and prosperous impact in Venezuela; this is our purpose.


Social communicator, specialized in advertising and marketing, graduated from the Andres Bello Catholic University. During my university studies, I worked in cultural institutions such as the Ateneo of Caracas, the Teresa Carreño Theater and the Consolidado Cultural Center (now BOD). While on the university years, I also worked in the Viajes Magazine (the only one aimed at the tourism industry in Venezuela). Subsequently, I worked on the Venezuela Virtual web portal for Telcel (now Movistar) and was part of the team that created the portal (also from Telcel). I led the communications and marketing department of GrafMarc, one of the most important design studios at the beginning of the 2000s with clients such as PDVSA, Biggott, Empresas Polar and Lafarge, among others. During the 2002 oil strike, I started my own web production company, specialized in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), carrying out various projects for tourist operations. In 2009, I created megaVENEZUELA receptive tourism agency, for several years we were the number one seller of the Aerotuy Airlines and of the few national agencies dedicated (at that time) to exclusively promoting tourism within Venezuela..


Graduated in business administration, I studied History at the Central University of Venezuela. I led the team of guides and protocol of the Ateneo de Caracas for more than 10 years, I worked in cultural festivals of international scope and later, I dedicated myself to the logistics and events area at GAL Producciones Integrales; among which was the surveillance and protocol of the access to the University Stadium of the Leones del Caracas. For the last 10 years I led, together with Yubi, the incoming tourism agency megaVENEZUELA and the CARIBEaquí Restaurant located in Los Roques, the first to offer a contemporary Creole menu that highlighted Caribbean/Venezuelan gastronomy in the archipelago.

Would you like more information?

We invite you to contact us if you want more information about our booking application: kepelink, if you would like us to include the information of any tourist destination or service, if you want to participate in this great project... or if you want to send us any suggestions or comments... everyone will be welcome! :)

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