Getting ready to dive in Los RoquesTo enjoy an unforgettable vacation diving in the largest archipelago in the Caribbean, here are some tips and advices that we hope will be useful and helpful for you :)


As we are in a tropical country, in Los Roques, is possible to dive all year round, so, even if it's winter in any of the temperate zones, let's say here is always summer ;) that's why you can visit us whenever you want to enjoy a good diving in this caribbean spot. Now, if you can choose the month, we can suggest you october, that is the best one because the sea is even quieter than usual and the water is also warmer.



Water temperature is normally between 26 and 28 ºC so, recommended suits are between 1.5 mm and 4 mm depending on your sensibility.


Peak seasons

We also suggest you to travel to Los Roques in off-peak periods (peak ones are december, carnival, holy week and august), where the posada's occupancy is at its maximum; this way, it will be much easier to find a posada and air tickets from Caracas. It is also possible that based on the number of days and the number of persons in the booking we can give you a discount if the booking is made for a low season date.



The visibility is very good! on average, is between 15 and 30 meters but there are points where the visibility is even greater.



In general, the maximum depths are around the 30 meters but there are some diving sites where the depth is higher.



All necessary equipment, dive tour guide, diving inmmersions, transfers, courses, diving excursions and much more can be found in the Gran Roque, or you can contact us to help you =)


What do you need to dive in Los Roques?

Diving in one of the most privileged and globally preserved places in the world, promises an exceptional trip that you can't miss living, you only need to be certified as a diver or do your Open Water Dive course, good health and hire an instructor who guides you on your dives because, as Los Roques is a National Park, scuba diving is prohibited without a certified guide.


and finally…

To enjoy this amazing activity, we always recommend using sunscreen and all the equipment needed to protect you from the sun when going to the dive sites, a minimum of 12 hours between last dive and the return flight, the use of suits according to your needs and of course, always be careful to avoid any setback that may occur.


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