Friends enjoying the caribbean in Los Roques!We specialize in Los Roques as a Caribbean destination from several years now... so we know very, very well the various options available and the potential of this beautiful tropical destination.

This archipelago is one of the most dazzling beach and nature destinations of our beautiful Venezuela, it is possible to organize many activities, celebrations or special dates...

So, tell us!

What do you want to do in Los Roques?

 Get married en Los Roques?

 An unforgettable honeymoon in this Caribbean paradise?

 An family vacation in amazing unspoiled beaches?

 Go with a group of friends who want to enjoy some fabulous days in Los Roques?

Ask your girlfriend her hand in marriage?

 Organize a group from work to celebrate a special ocassion?

 A romantic trip just for two?

 Surprise your mate?

 Simply rest and relax in paradise?

...with all that and much more we can help you!

{jb_next}If you come for the weekend, a full day, a long stay, or if you prefer a yacht or a sailboat we will assamble a package according to your needs; or we also offer the all-inclusive packages that the accommodation options traditionally offer in Los Roques{/jb_next}

{jb_star}We know first hand almost all the accommodation options in Los Roques, we have visited them to see their rooms, bathrooms, common areas so we can better help our clients thanks to the background we hold... However, of the approximately 60 lodges operating in the archipelago, we have a selection with which we prefer to work either for the quality of the service they offer, the staff attention to details, the responsiveness when making a reservation, among others. Likewise, we work with the options available to get to Los Roques... traditionally, is by air and only two companies offer this service at the moment: Aerotuy and Chapi Air{/jb_star}

{jb_heart}We can assure you that we put a lot of effort in providing an excellent service to our clients...! :) {/jb_heart}


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