Fishes and corals in Los RoquesUnder this radiant sun that lightens the crystal turquoise waters of the third largest coral reef in the world: the Archipelago of Los Roques; you'll find an entire galaxy inhabited by 4 species of turtles, 200 crustaceans, 140 mollusks, 280 fishes and 61 species of corals… no doubt it is an amazing world for divers from all over the world!

Diving in the jungle ;)

A reef mosaic of 1500 square meters is the most stunning Caribbean magic of this natural destination. Two barrier reefs together with 50 coral islands are the almost virgin territories that many seek to explore. And no wonder, these coral settlements flooded with colors, marine life and walls that make up a jungle under the sea, are sublime attractions hardly found in any place.


A diving lab in the Caribbean

The Archipelago of Los Roques is considered the largest marine park in the Caribbean, where you will find 90% of coral and fish species present throughout the caribbean territory. There are even some studies that consider this group of Venezuelan islands as an important nest of coral larvae in the Caribbean region. As many call it, is a natural marine laboratory that will captivate you with the presence of hundreds of species of fish of all sizes, a wide variety of crustaceans, sponges in all colors and types, and extremely beautiful and warm ocean waters.


Definitely, those who dare and take the plunge into the adventure of diving in the archipelago of Los Roques to explore the depths of this incredible place, know, feel and become part of the story that few have enjoyed, an unspoiled destination that catches those seeking to discover its fascinating beauty.

Diving in Los Roques, an everlasting footprint on the hearts of those who have explored it!


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