The posadas, or rather, the tourist posadas are characterized by facilities for the accommodation of guests. In general, are served by its owners who strive to meet tourists needs, so the atmosphere tends to be friendly and informal.

Unlike hotels, this guest houses have a limited number of rooms, in most cases not exceeding 15 or 20 rooms. In most cases, they operate in houses with no more than 2 floors and depending on the area where you can find them their services are reduced, but in these cases, accommodation prices also tend to be lower.

In Venezuela, posadas are a very common lodging option when taking a vacation and touring the country. In all the tourist regions of Venezuela there are several choices of posadas, being the most popular: Los Roques, Mérida and in general the Andes, La Gran Sabana, Canaima and Los Llanos, among other regions and cities.


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