Arriving at the air strip of Gran RoqueAfter a spectacular scenery that can be seen from the air for about 10 minutes, the airplane begins to descend to the air strip located in El Gran Roque, one of the islands that lies north of the Archipelago of Los Roques and the most extensive in its size.

The air strip is so small that for a brief moment it seems that the plane (or light aircraft) will land in the clear sea, giving to this moment, a small dose of emotion.

When the plane lands on the air strip, passengers are directed to the small Inparques’s office to pay theentrance fee to the National Park (1 unit tax for Venezuelans and 2 units for foreigners).

Thereafter, and in most cases, a person from the posada will pick up the tourists on the air strip to accompany them to the posada and help them with luggage. Is at this time that the cement of the air strip is left behind to begin the journey through the sandy streets of El Gran Roque.


How many people live in Gran Roque?

In El Gran Roque there are approximately one thousand 300 hundred persons, mostly dedicated totourism or fishing activities.


The services of El Gran Roque

On this island you will also find the main services of Los Roques, besides the airport (or airstrip), the vast majority of the posadas, school, church, medical facility, pharmacy, a bank branch of Banesco, a couple of bodegas and clothing stores, or souvenirs, tourism establishments such as scuba diving centers, diving or snorkeling equipment rental, massages, restaurants and food services, and also about four coffee-lounge to take a relaxing drink while watching the beautiful sunset.


The streets of El Gran Roque

Although El Gran Roque is the largest island of the archipelago, is still small, you can explore it jus walking, from one extreme to the other, in about 10 or 15 minutes.

There are only 4 main roads, all of them just sand and you will only find the water truck and the collecting garbage truck, or a pair of golf carts that currently manages the National Guard.


Total relaxation

It is simply wonderful to completely disconnect from the urban chaos, the horns, traffic and the pollution… in short, from the typical urban problems.

This gives the Gran Roque wonderful touch of tranquility and peace, you will only hear the children running around the town and the inhabitants and visitors talks who walk around its landscape and enjoying carefree barefoot eco-tourism at its best.


The style of El Gran Roque

Mediterranean style (resulting in a considerable proportion of lodges that are managed by Italians) and the Caribbean are blended to provide a wide variety of tones and textures of its streets and architecture, which gives the island a relaxed atmosphere without being joyful, warm and tropical, qualities ideal for sightseeing and enjoy an unforgettable vacation in the Venezuela’s Caribbean.


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