Definitely, when we imagine ourselves in a paradisiac caribbean island of white sand, turquoise blue water, very small hotels instead of big and noisy resorts, unspoiled and almost deserted beautiful beaches, we say that Los Roques is, without questions, the most romantic journey you can do in Venezuela.

Many couples travel to the Archipelago of Los Roques to escape for their honeymoon, anniversary or as a special gift to enjoy together. That's why guest houses, lodges or inns in this Caribbean island strive to receive and take care of their guests-lovers.

A divine get… away!

The natural beauty of this unique destination guarantees a magical and unforgettable travel getaway filled up of wonderful and romantic experiences that sweeten to everyone.

Beside the unspoiled and gorgeous beaches… just imagine yourself walking on the sandy and NO-CARS streets of Gran Roque! this is unique… a sunny and warm beach destination that won't be crowded (even more in low season) and where you and your couple will be able to enjoy nature at its best :)

More than a romantic getaway to share with your soulmate, this archipelago seduces everyone who sails its rainbow of colors and walks on its coral sands.

Fun and romantic things to do at Los Roques beaches...

To make the most of the exotic trips to the islands, Los Roques offers visitors numerous water sports, adventure, relaxation and above all, contact with nature that captivate ecotourism lovers.

A bright sun that illuminates the whole picture of this paradise of Venezuela and the most diverse marine fauna of the Caribbean are just some of the main attractions that characterize the perfect place to escape with that special person:


If you already do diving, you can make some day or night dives and enjoy the amazing underwater world and diverse marine fauna of the archipelago and if you have never embarked on the practice of this noble sport venture with the "try scuba", better known in the diving world as the "baptism", that way, you'll be undertaking something new for you two ;)


If you want something with a little more adrenalin you can also practice or take a course of kitesurfing.


For something more relaxed, a little excursion to the highest point of El Gran Roque: The Dutch Lighthouse to watch beautiful sunsets!


Aligned with conservation practices, you could also adopt a sea turtle in Los Roques Scientific Foundation located in Dos Mosquises Island and put her the name you want.


One of the days of your stay, can also enjoy a romantic dinner (at a table apart from the rest) on the seashore in one of the coffe-lounge located on El Gran Roque.


In these cafes you can also go to enjoy a delicious Caribbean cocktail and relax watching the stars in one of the pouf.


A boat trip through the archipelago just for two? you got it! discover less visited places and off the track of regular trips to the islands and cays.


What other things can you do in Los Roques? we got a whole section with many articles detailing what we have pointed here and other activities activities you can also do in this Caribbean waters! ;)

And we… your travel advisors ;)

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