Camping in La Tortuga island - Venezuela beaches

Our tourist operator friends at La Tortuga Island have super useful tips for traveling to this beautiful island in the Venezuelan Caribbean... and we want to share them with our clients and visitors... because, who better than the same experts in this tourist destination to offer their tips and advices so your trip turns into an unforgettable experience!


To begin with…

 It will be assigned a camping tent and mattress for every 2 people in the group.

 Don't use hard shell suitcases, because they are difficult to store or arrange in the limited space available on ships.

 To carry luggage, backpacks or travel bags are better.

 It is advisable not to carry too much baggage. Anyway, do not forget the following:


What to bring?

 A beach cooler (optional)

Although we do not include alcohol beverages, you can bring them.

Sheet and pillow or sleeping bag.

Optional: inflatable mattress (if you got one), we have a manual air pump available for you.

Towels. Also for the beach.

Jacket or sweater (the evenings can be cold or for the sailing).



Sunscreen... very important! No matter if you're used to sunbathe.

Mosquito repellent.

Cap or hat.

Mask for snorkeling and you may also bring the fins.

Your favorite music on CD, MP3... but remember that you are traveling in group and the idea is also to enjoy nature!

We have a shaded area where we place the logistics of the camp. If you have umbrella and beach chair you can bring it with you, because on the island there is no tall vegetation that can provide shade.


What to have on hand, before giving the luggage to the crew?

The luggage will be stored before starting the navigation and for security reasons, we can not get back to it until we arrive on the island, so we recommend you to bring a small hand bag that contains everything you require while we sail:


Hat or cap,

Jacket or sweater,

Usual medicines,



Some snack or beverage of your choice,

Any other personal tool,

Camera to take photos when dolphins appear!


What to do before boarding?

 If you tend to get dizzy, it is best to take a pill against seasickness, at least half an hour before boarding.

Although it will be early in the morning, put on sunscreen.

Because of yacht etiquette, we enter the boat barefoot without any shoes: this is to preserve wood and boat fiberglass.

Listen carefully to directions given by the crew, who will also kindly be at your service.


While sailing...

 Get comfortable.

Allow the waves relax you ;)

Enjoy the immensity that the sea offers us while navigating.

If you see dolphins, please remain in your place and don't group together all in one place, the dolphins always ride on both sides of the boat.


and on the island...

 If you come with a group, please send us the distribution for every two persons, so we can meet the overnight on the island when we assign the camp and the tents in pairs.

For your own safety, the luggage will be unloaded after you are already on the island.

The island is yours... please keep nature intact and do not bring any "souvenir" as corals, shells, stones, starfish, etc. We all want that future generations can also enjoy these natural wonders!

Remember to put the trash in its place.

Enjoy the most the nature that God has given us, we are confident that the island appreciates your stay in its white sands and crystal clear waters... the same way we enjoy your company!


Looking forward to see you...

Contact us and enjoy this wonderful experience!


Important note: departure subject to meteorological or mechanical conditions and minimum passengers (we usually sail with at least 12 people).

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