Angel Fall in VenezuelaThe wellknown organization, who coordinated the event for the man-made 7 New Wonders of the World in Lisbon on july 7th 2007, New7Wonders is in the final phase of its new campaign for the New 7 Wonders of Nature and among its 28 finalists we found the amazing Venezuela's Angel Falls and The Amazon Rainforest!






{jb_quote}{jb_lightbulb}UPDATED MARCH 2012: If you want to go and see for yourself this wonder that nature gives us, we invite you to take one of our tours to Canaima, or see pictures of Canaima, Angel Falls, the Auyantepui, videos and much more about Canaima National Park as well as our tips and personal recommendations when making any of these expeditions{/jb_lightbulb}{/jb_quote}


After the 7/7/2007 superb event, where more than 100 million votes selected the man-made 7 Wonders of the World, the New7Wonders organization dedicated to the task to launch 7 new winners, this time in the category of nature. The event will take place on the country that'll be the winner of the first place the day 11/11/2011.

A broad list of "Natural Wonders" took part in the competition with over 440 participants representing 220 countries, and at this stage of 28 finalists, Venezuela has an important place with one of its most emblematic and stunning locations, the Angel Fall (El Salto Angel).

This contest benefits both directly and commercial the winning destinations. They also get the most important free campaign that can be experienced in history, where the whole world is involved, vote and love winner places as if they had known them.

Is a venezuelans task to promote our natural wealth by voting for the Salto Angel and Amazon Rainforest in this very important finalists process of the 7 Wonders of Nature, not only because the greatly tourism benefit we can get, but also to defend, show our unconditional love and thank with great pride to our noble land that has given us so many unimaginable beauty.

And if you are not from Venezuela but have got the chance to see this natural spectacle or would like to come  and see for yourself the mother of all water falls which is also surrounded by other tepuis (flat-topped mountains) and breathtaking scenery gifted by our Canaima National Park we also invite you to vote for Salto Angel!

And to inspire you we invite you to see this video produced by ValeTV, our cultural television channel in Venezuela to which we are faithful followers. In this video they show Angel Falls images that take the breath away to anyone!



Vote here for the Angel Falls and spread the word to all your friends to do so! =)



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