Yes, although the Gran Roque, Los Roques’s main island, is small, there are establishments where you can buy snacks and dinner. There are several restaurants and coffee-lounge (about four) and a couple of bodegas (small stores to buy supplies).

If your budget is limited, a good option is to opt for the packages' half board including breakfast and lunch and not dinner. In Los Roques, this type of package is very useful because the posada usually, prepares a cooler with snacks (ice, drinks and light lunch for the beach) for lunch and also includes the chair and umbrella to carry on to the islands, which is very good because in the cays (small islands) where you’ll go in your daily trip, there are not many options to buy a meal, in only 2 or 3 of them and you’ll probably also go to islands where there is no provision whatsoever, beautiful beaches but no food or any other service, just sand, sea and sun ;)

On the other side, there are dining options in the Gran Roque (where are all the posadas -guest houses or smaill hotels- and services, schools, clinics, warehouses, restaurants, church , etc); in brief, in Los Roques tourists stay on Gran Roque island for the accommodation, and every morning, after breakfast, they go to the keys and then return in the afternoon to walk around the Gran Roque, see the sunset and take dinner.



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