Night life in Los Roques, Café Aquarena

When we imagine the Archipelago of Los Roques in Venezuela, we virtually move to a peaceful destination, pure exotic nature and relax

What we don't know is that rhythm set the pace for those who choose to stroll the sandy streets of Gran Roque, the most populated island of the archipelago and where almost all the accommodation options in Los Roques (known as Posadas) are found.

The caribbean magic, extravagant cocktails and sticky rhythms grip the beachfront after the superb sunset is gone.

And no wonder, it's just in that moment when the night starts coloring smiles not only on tourists but also on posada's workers. After returning back from fascinating islands and cays or before dinner, absolutely everyone, visitors and employees, groom themselves and exhibit their best caribbean tan.

and after dinner...

It should be noted that the dinner is an almost sacred moment in Los Roques, the presence of Italians in the island set up a high standard in the local cuisine and the posadas give their best effort in this meal, when they offer their repertoire of delicious dishes.

Night life in Los Roques, La Gotera

The fun starts immediately after this special moment, and when many employees may go out from the posadas and tourists dare to know more about these four streets of sand that hide at least four special places in front of the sea, decorated in a magic way with candles and puff that attract anyone's attention.


{jb_yellowdisc}1{/jb_yellowdisc}Café Arrecife

With a modern, excellent care & attention and surprises that lead directly to Los Roques to entertain visitors, Arrcife Café is the first of the places you'll find if you walk from the airstrip to the town. There we suggest you the best Cuban Mojitos prepared in Gran Roque


{jb_greendisc}2{/jb_greendisc}Aquarena Café

A few meters further, walking on the beachfront, is Aquarena Café, a landmark of the archipelago which offers a very zen minimalist lounge for a drink, also has a pretty little souvenir shop and on the second floor a small and very romantic sushi restaurant.


{jb_purpledisc}3{/jb_purpledisc}La Gotera

La Gotera is the third coffee-lounge you'll find on the beachfront and where town's livelier parties take part, a beach dance floor and a good display are the perfect combination to enjoy a Caribbean night


{jb_bluedisc}4{/jb_bluedisc}Café Arrecife

For a more hippie atmosphere, full of good vibes and also a very nice site for its original decor, have to visit El Canto de la Ballena (The Song of the Whale), which also offers a great shop to buy souvenirs or clothing brought from India.


Undoubtedly, the Archipelago of Los Roques offers a range of nightlife options for all tastes and ages, so everybody may have fun in those wonderful beach vacation that everybody dreams to take at least once in a lifetime.

Cheer up to meet, dance and fully enjoy your trip to this magical corner of Venezuela!

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