Los Roques lighthouse in Gran Roque

More than any other place in the Gran Roque, the old Dutch lighthouse is a landmark and a must for tourists who visit the Archipelago of Los Roques.

Adventurers, athletes, young lovers, fans of the beautiful scenery and photography, children or elderly walk up about 20 minutes to enjoy this significant building that embrace historical, political and social elements.

The construction of the lighthouse comes from an agreement between the government of Venezuela and a Dutchman named Cornelius Bonaire Boye, who had a license to gather natural products in Los Roques' islands and also lime burning but in exchange he had to build a lighthouse.

Los Roques lighthouse in Gran Roque

The Dutch man began the construction in 1862 but soon dropped out and did not fulfill its part of the deal, so the government canceled the concession and in 1874 was responsible for building the lighthouse.

Because of its decay, the lighthouse has undergone at least two renovations throughout its history so we can see today a simple building on the highest mountain in Los Roques.

Many tourists visit this historical National Park's landmark to observe from the top an inspiring sunrise or sunset. You can also see the nearby cays, the town and in a really clear day can be distinguished by the south The Avila (Caracas highest mountain) and southeast Orchila island.

Whether for fun, relaxation, capture special moments of the landscape or exercise, you can not miss the famous Dutch lighthouse in Los Roques, the most beautiful corner of Venezuela.


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