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Here we provide information, so you can organize your adventures at the Canaima National Park the best possible way!

These circuits were built to meet some of the areas of the forest seldom visited in Venezuela and will give you the ability to penetrate the heart of the Venezuelan jungle. The tours have been organized and designed for you, by the Pemon, inhabitants in the Bolivar State, the largest state of Venezuela.

Friendliness Pemón

You'll spend nights at the heart of the jungle with the natives Pemón, with his kindness to welcome people; they will change your world point of view. This part of Venezuela is not well known in Europe or elsewhere. The attribute of this circuit is the adventure, nothing to do with a traditional travel circuit.


The tour guide

The person who will accompany you is a professional guide, he will be happy to share with you your taste for adventure; but safety is of rigor to avoid accidents. If such is the case, you will be immediately evacuated by the team that accompanies you. The languages spoken are Spanish, English, French and Italian.


Canaima Tour - Angel Fall - Pulling a curiaraItineraries

Have been developed taking into account a minimum of comfort. The length of the stages can be modified in the same place depending on weather conditions, local difficulties, administrative problems and mechanical incidents of the transportation equipment or conditions of the air strips.

Due to specific events (weather, road conditions and unforeseen situations) certain stages may be changed. Domestic flights can be modified at times, tours are then adapted to the best possible alternative.


Level of difficulty

This circuit is not an easy trek or a hike, but rather a journey of exploration to discover the nature of Venezuela and its tropical environment, possible rain and no hotel infrastructure.


Adventure and nature affinity 

As you are at the Venezuelan jungle, several hours away from civilization, in typical boats called "curiaras", do not expect the comfort of a 3 or 5 stars hotel. If this is your case, this trip is not for you ;)

Throughout this journey, you will carry your bag so it is advisable to bring the least amount of clothing and supplies as possible and an easy to carry bag with you, preferably a backpack. (Here we wrote an article detailing this point. 


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