Learn to dive in Los Roques - Try Scuba course in the CaribbeanEl buceo es una de las actividades que nos permite conocer otro mundo… toda una galaxia submarina repleta de vida… por lo que te invitamos a realizar tu primera inmersión! aprovecha tu viaje a Los Roques y lánzate a la aventura en un curso de iniciación llamado "Try Scuba" o "Discovery Dive" especialmente diseñado para aquellos que desean experimentar o probar lo que se siente bucear!

Diving is an activity which allows us to reach another world... a whole galaxy full of underwater life… that's why we invite you to jump in and make your first dive! take advantage of your trip to Los Roques and embark on an adventure in a diving basics course called "Try Scuba" or "Discovery Dive" specially designed for those who want to experiment or try how it feels to dive!

There are many positive effects that we experience when traveling... one of them is that when we are enjoying a comforting vacation, many of our usual inhibitions are unconsciously saved in a small imaginary box ;) and thrown to the back seat, to allow us to experience new sensations, exciting adventures or activities that we wouldn't dare to practice in our routine life.

So, if you come to Los Roques, kill your curiosity, don't think it twice, and learn how to dive taking a course for beginners "Try Scuba" you will discover the diving basics through a chat of about one hour and then you will be transferred to a dive in shallow waters as the ones in the small pool of Francisqui, and later into a dive in deeper waters.

At all times, you'll be accompanied by an instructor that will stay with you the four hours of this course for diving beginners called Try Scuba, which also includes full equipment and training materials. And a good news, this course for beginners isn't a costly experience, to date of publication of this article, the price is around $100.

And as it's very likely that you stay engaged in this interesting world, we invite you to take diving courses for intermediate, advanced and professional with our allies at the diving center and school in Los Roques and Caracas, there are many options and types of courses available!


A new world full of rewarding sensations awaits for you! Contact us to help you with your trip to Los Roques and including on it your Try Scuba initiation ;)


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