Mayupa beach in Canaima with its pinky sand!

Canaima National Park embraces an incredible diversity of natural resources and breathtaking sceneries unique in the world! Probably the most known is the Angel Fall, and no wonder, its majesty has inspired many others and left with a hopeful sigh that craves to meet it at least once in their life... However, Canaima is the land of many other natural attractions...

Our recommendation is that if you go to Canaima, you should take advantage of the opportunity and try to stay about five days, to give you a chance to discover the natural treasures that although more shy -touristically speaking- because are less known, don't fail to impress their privileged visitors. 

That's why in addition to the 3 days and 2 nights plan to see Angel Falls in canoe, we offer an exciting expedition to Kavac to go to its cave and other trips or tours which we detail below:


{jb_orangedisc}1{/jb_orangedisc}The beach at Mayupa


You'll leave the camp with the curiara (canoe) up Carrao river for about 20 minutes.

Just before the regular stop for expeditions going to Angel Falls is an unique small beach!

Mayupa beach in Canaima with its pinky sand!• In one corner, a small group of morichales (moriche palm) welcomes you and then the canoe will stop in its PIN KY sand! Yes folks, piiiiink! beautiful! as in a fairy tale... which along the contrast of its reddish river on the shore and then almost, almost black Carrao River (by abundant minerals... so, it's not dirty), the light green of the savannah, the deeper green of tepuis, the blue and white sky... shape a spectacular scenery!

 That rosy sand is the work of the degradation of quartz that after thousands of years of nature's work has been reduced to tiny fragments to make sand!

• In return, you will visit the village of Francisco Montes de Oca, a native of the area and knowledgeable about the first inhabitants of Canaima and even the story of Jimmy Angel (first foreigner to see Angel Falls) and you can see how your family makes some typical craft work.

• In addition, on the short walk to this village you'll have 360 degrees of extremely beautiful landscapes! Ideal time to take pictures and thank the universe for how lucky you are to be able to admire this noble creation, with the same tepuis you see from the Canaima lagoon but from a different angle and a little bit closer!

Tour prices

{jb_cart}USD 45 per person{/jb_cart}


 Approximate time of the tour: 2 hours and a half.

 This tour can be done all year round.

 Prices subject to change due to conditions outside our organization.


{jb_yellowdisc}2{/jb_yellowdisc}Moroco River


Moroco river in Canaima• After leaving the camp in curiaria also upstream as if we were going to the beach of Mayupa, but a little bit before, we enter the River Moroco, small and with very, very calm waters, so much that you'll even see a natural mirror in which the huge blue sky, the ever-present tepui and vegetation typical of this journey: mangroves, kind protectors of this beautiful and unique ecosystem will be reflected...

The expedition is very relaxing, with some resemblance to the Laguna de la Restinga in Margarita but escorted by majestic tepui and moriche palm and also accompanied by the savanna robe.

Depending on the time of year (rainy or dry) you can also see tiny beaches like the one at Mayupa but much, much smaller in size, although the same pink color.

Tour prices

{jb_cart}USD 45 per person{/jb_cart}


• Approximate time of the tour: 2 hours and a half.

• This tour can be done all year round.

• Prices subject to change due to conditions outside our organization.


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