Tips for packing for your Canaima tours

To enjoy the most your tours and expeditions to the jungle in Canaima we offer here several tips and recommendations that will be helpful in your trip especially to what relates to baggage and what you should include on it.


Weight and type of luggage

Your luggage should not exceed 10 kilos... not only because it is the maximum weight allowed on aircrafts and airlines that fly to Canaima, but also because, remember, you'll be doing a tour/expedition and you'll carry your luggage along the way: in the walking paths, to hop on the boat, etc...

At the beginning of this article you can see a picture of the space available for the luggage at the aircraft, but you can get an idea, maybe in the photo is not very well appreciated, but the space is smaller than a small car trunk...

The easiest is to take a backpack with handles that are comfortable for your shoulders. The conventional suitcases are extremely uncomfortable in this type of travel (even if they have wheels)... just imagine yourself with one of those suitcases in the curiaria ;) plus it would not fit on the plane trunk.

Before the trip... foreseeing mosquitoes

Vitamin B (complex B) is strongly recommended, injected a few days before making the trip to avoid mosquito and puri puri bites. These injections are super effective (usually recommended 3 injections, one per day interval).

In case you don't inject you can also try taking the capsules of vitamin B, though it is said that its effect is not as effective as injections.

Other people also buy the ampules for injections but rather than injecting, they mix its content with body lotion and the cream is placed in the body several times during the trip. Of course, this option is a bit more uncomfortable for the trip itself.

Be careful! These are personal recommendations, of course, as with any medicine, it depends on each person, if you're not allergic and you should also consult with a trusted doctor or pharmacist about your particular case.


Type of clothing 

Bring fresh clothing, particularly clothing composed of materials that dry quickly, eg, textiles used in the shirts of the runners or other athletes.

If you bring a pair of jeans leave it only for your arrival trip to Canaima and/or the day of departure because as you know, the jean takes ages to dry and when wet is very uncomfortable and heavy. The best thing is fresh cloth pants that dry quickly... the jean is best left at home ;)

Pants can be long and shirts, also, long sleeves because they protect more against mosquitoes and the sun.


About the camera and other valuables things

Try as much as possible not to bring valuables or that can spoil when wet. For the essential ones is a good idea to place them in a sealable bag (such as Ziploc or Clip bags). In them you can save your wallet, cell phone, camera, etc. Remember that you'll be crossing rivers, pits and even walk under or behind water falls!


and on the bag include...

Sport shoes: to walk through the rivers and caves are recommended the shoes usually sold for the beach, they are lightweight, non-slip and also dry quickly. Bring not new sport shoes, is better if they are already used so you don't run the risk they bother you on the walks.

Raincoat: remember that the tours are mainly done in the rainy season. We also recommend a couple of plastic bags to keep in your bag for wet clothes and to pick up trash you generate in the way.

Sunscreen: The tours are outdoors and we are in the tropics... so remember that here the sun is strong.

Swimwear: Throughout the tour we pass several pits and waterfalls where you can take a relaxing bath... plus swimwear dry much faster than underwear.

Personal medication: anything that you regularly take, something for pain or headache, stomach or allergies...

Mosquito repellent: cream because aerosols are not allowed on the planes and are also more eco friendly.

Cap or hat: to protect from the sun.

Flashlight: those that are placed on the head are super comfortable, if you have any other type of flashlight is also useful.

Sweater for the night: Canaima is quite chilly at night.

Towel: try it to be as small as possible because the towels take up a lot of space, weighed and also are slow to dry. Nowadays there are very small towels, like the ones used by the professional swimmers, that are not expensive and as small as the size of a hand. You can even carry one of them for a couple or family group.

Koala: in addition to the backpack, a koala where to keep the most essential items is useful because you have it on hand.

Wipes: This is a personal recommendation. Wipes that came out a few years ago for babies are very useful on trips ... "never travel without them" ;) You can take a small package to use for anything you need: clean your hands, face or anything else, dry something wet and even for the toilet…


{jb_recycle}Remember! bring with you all that you took to the trip... that is, please do not leave garbage on the road that will pollute the environment and damage the nature that God has given us. Like you, we hope that many generations can enjoy these natural wonders!{/jb_recycle}

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