In the nearby islands, Francisqui are clearly the kings in Los Roques


From the lowest point in Cayo Franciquí begins the incredible experience of visiting and enjoy white sands, turquoise shades and in between a large lagoon that connects the three legs of these beautiful beaches.


The Francisquí are a group of 3 islands east of Gran Roque to which you can reach on a boat in less than 10 minutes; for this reason and because it is one of the most exceptional of the archipelagois the most visited key or island, especially for those who adventure into a full day to Los Roques.

Multiple activities ensure the full enjoyment of tourists in this beautiful pristine beaches, in the lower point of Francisquí you will find Light Sailing school where lovers of the extreme will launch all their adrenaline with kitesurf courses or where you can also rent equipment. 


The Franciquí keys ensure enjoyment for all tastes, so in Francisqui de Arriba, those wishing to enjoy haute cuisine on the shores of a paradise island, will find the restaurant Casa Marina to enjoy a delicious fish or a exquisite lobster.

And for those who like to explore the wonderful underwater world, between the upper and middle part of the key is a magical place that can not miss and is called La Piscinita (little pool). With coral walls that form a 360 degree panorama of marine life in calm waters, full of reefs and shallow (3 to 4 meters) tourists enjoy an area specially designed by nature for snorkeling from any age.

Without a doubt, the Keys Francisquí are a must for all travelers arriving in the fascinating Archipelago of Los Roques in Venezuela and are willing to live an amazing experience.


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