Full Day in Los Roques

Muelle de El Gran Roque, Los Roques - VenezuelaMany clients request "full day" packages to travel to Los Roques. Mainly, there are two options: from Maiquetia's airport (about 45 minutes from Caracas) and Higuerote (about 1 hour from Caracas) and are offered by the two airlines flying at the moment to Los Roques: Aerotuy and Chapi Air.

Although is not our stronghold, here we offer the information corresponding to the two options available at the moment...

What do we advice about FULL DAYS to Los Roques?

We really don't recommend our clients to book the full day to Los Roques because the itinerary is sooo tight and in order you can really enjoy a piece of this paradise everything should go perfect and as we are not in a perfect country ;) we prefer to point it out... of course, the choice is yours!

Usually, the ideal itinerary for full day is the first flight in the morning, 6AM returning on the last flight at 5PM... and if the 6AM flight is delayed, that means less hours that you'll spend in paradise. On the other hand, if you spend the night at a guest house, although you'll also lose some time, it won't be so serious as the people traveling for full day, because at 3 pm they have to leave the key quickly to check out at the counter of the airline on the Gran Roque (main island)...

Now, after our daring recommendation ;) here goes the info!

Fullday with Aereotuy

 Air transfer: Caracas - Los Roques - Caracas [CCS-LRV-CCS]
 Lunch (usually chicken),
 Soft drinks and water,
 Transfer by catamaran to a nearby island,
 Optional snorkeling (equipment for rent not incluided on the price),
Assistance from bilingual guides,
Per adult / from monday to friday: Bs. 24.030 [junio] / Bs. xx.xxx [julio-agosto]
Per adult / saturday and sunday: Bs. 27.590 [junio] / Bs. xx.xxx [julio-agosto]
 Subject to availability.
 The payment is needed in order to make the booking (is not posible to book without prior payment).
 Children from 2 to 11 years old: 50% discount.
 Free baggage weight allowance: 12 kilos... very important!!!

Fullday with Chapi Air

 Air transfer: Higuerote - Los Roques - Higuerote [HIU-LRV-HIU]
 Soft drinks and water,
 Transfer by speed boat to a nearby island (Madrizquí or Francisquí).,
 Umbrella and beach chairs.
Per adult: Bs. 15.984 [junio] / Bs. xx.xxx [julio-agosto]
Subject to availability.
 Children from 0 to 23 months old: 90% discount.
 Children from 2 to 11 years old: 30% discount.
Free baggage weight allowance: 10 kilos... important!!!


For the full day, you need to go with your swimsuit under your clothes because there is no room for you to change.

As a travel agency, we can not be responsible for changes made by airlines, missed connections, delays or cancellations of flights. Here we offer you more information related to this point and it is very important to read it before contracting our services.

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