Some of the species you'll see when scuba diving in Los Roques

Diving Los Roques - cleansershrimp in corcscrew anemone

Beneath this relaxing caribbean island paradise, full of undiscovered treasures, fascinating secrets are immersed in the depths of its seas, that drive diving travelers to a dazzling and unforgettable experience.

The infinite number of coral reefs that you see in thisunderwater paradise teeming with life and color, is without a doubt one of the main tourist attractions of Los Roques. Each diving point, in these clear waters, have a characteristic charm, different from one another, and where you can perform other water activities. What we can assure you is that with every immersion you'll be living an adventure full of new experiences and discoveries.

In the archipelago of Los Roques, 4 species of turtles, that in danger of extinction, regularly nest and you'll be able to see them in your divings: Green turtle, Hawksbill turtle, Leatherback turtle and Loggerhead turtle. Out of the four species, the leatherback turtle is the least common to see nesting on the beaches of Los Roques.

A wide range of mollusks and crustaceans as shrimps, squids, crabs, lobsters, octopus and snails as the queen conch known in Venezuela as botuto or guarura that is in danger of extinction.

Hard and soft corals in multiple colors: anemone, gorgonian, sea fan corals, star coral, staghorn coral, brain coral, tube corals, black coral, fire coral.

More than 300 species of fishes! and as you are going to visit Los Roques ;)  we are going to give you also the name we give to these fishes in Venezuela, some of them are: parrotfish (pez loro), yellowtail snapper (rabirrubias), snappers (pargos), tarpon (sábalos), mackerel (jurel), groupers (meros), barracudas, cat sharks, moray fishes (morenas), lion fish (pez león), eel (congrio), damselfish (damisela), tambaqui (cachama), barred filefish (cache), thornfishes (torito), cowfish (vaquita), surgeonfish (cirujano), parrotfish, angelfish, queen angelfish (isabelitas), black bream (chopas), bream (palometas), trumpet fish (trompeta), ray fish, devil fish,  common stingrays and although not very common, you'll probably also see dolphins, seahorses, hammerhead shark, bull shark and even whale sharks! :)


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