Beautiful islands in the Caribbean - Los RoquesThe National Park Archipelago of Los Roques is one of the favorite Venezuela’s tourist destinations both by Venezuelans and tourists who visit Venezuela from other countries. Why? there are many reasons, some of them:


The paradisiac aerial view at your arriving…

Even before arriving to Los Roques, from the airplane that take off in Maiquetía [airport serving Caracas], and only about 25 minutes of flight after leaving the airport, you’ll see from the air an startling parade of gentle blues and greens in an incredible mix of hues, accompanied also by earth colors that represents more than 40 small islands and cays that make up this archipelago located in the Caribbean Sea. Simply a thrilling momment!


Crystal and beautiful beaches...

The water in Los Roques is beautifully transparent, quiet and clean. When walking on the beach, you will see your feet even if the water reaches your waist, and most likely you’ll also be surrounded by several species of fish that you can even see when walking along the shores of its beaches; that’s why Los Roques is considered among the best and most beautiful beaches not only in Venezuela but also in the Caribbean.


National Park since 1972...

Being a Venezuela’s National Park, Los Roques is protected and very well preserved. Here we have an article with more information about the Archipelago Los Roques and its declaration as National Park.


Ecotourism on virgin beaches

For ecotourism or green travel lovers, Los Roques is one of the most sublime Venezuela’s destinations.

Only one of its islands, the largest one: the Gran Roque, offers services to its residents and tourists. There is another pair of keys where you can find very simple restaurants and all the rest is just Caribbean sea and white sand of coral origin!

Even at Gran Roque, streets are just sand and there are no cars! So, if you want to travel to a unique destination, almost unspoiled where you won’t find any urban chaos, Los Roques in Venezuela is your choice for your next vacation travel!


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