Unique features that distinguish Los Roques from any other beach destination

Los Roques islands and beaches - Venezuela Caribbean

When it comes to destinations particularly natural for its eccentric beauty and diversity, Venezuela becomes center of attention for its diverse landscapes and climates as well as their pureness National Parks.

Los Roques Archipelago is a favorite destination for foreign tourists when undertaking fascinating adventures in our territory. Whoever does not believe in the outstanding beauty of these islands has not had the great opportunity to travel to American Continent most unspoilt beach destination.

With an area of just 40 kilometers covering all the islands that make up the archipelago and one permanently inhabited island (The Gran Roque) with approximately 1800 inhabitants, in Los Roques, there are more than 60 inns (known as posadas) that welcome just about 50 thousand yearly tourists.

And the truth is that there is no similar place in either Venezuela or our planet with the characteristics of Los Roques:


One of the most diverse and best preserved coral reef in the world.

It is the second most important spot in the world for the Bonefish fishing.

The only one coral atoll in the world whose formation wasn't a volcanic processes.

Is the third most unspoiled National Park in the world.

1780 species of fish inhabit the magical turquoise waters that cover this natural treasure.

Tropical climate all year round and free of concerns about hurricanes.

Totally disconnected from the urban world and free of cars.


Since the year 1529 is possible to find in old Spanish mapping the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, besides that…

Los Roques is an unexplored destination by many people with incredible adventures awaiting for you to discover!


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