Venezuela Coast and Beaches - Chichiriviche de la costa

If there is a perfect place for beach lovers, waves, landscapes where the sea and the sky join in a single line of the horizon, fishing, sailing the waters of the Caribbean and the radiant sun, there is no other place than Venezuela, with its Caribbean coast close to most of the country, attracts both tourists from other countries and ourselves, Venezuelans who can not live without going to the beach.

No doubt Venezuela has a privileged geographic location, its more than 4,000 kilometers of coastline, of them 1,700 km of beaches certify it. In fact, we have the largest Caribbean coast, more than any other country. A range of options for foreign tourists and Venezuelan families who travel in search of natural landscapes in sun and beach destinations.

Diversity of marine life, birds, big waves or calm waters, mangroves, clear water, variety of colors and contrasts on the sea with a perfect climate all year round, make up a paradise in the Venezuelan coastline. 314 Venezuelan islands, many of them almost virgins, are among the main attractions of the region, among them the most visited are: Margarita, Los Roques Archipelago, La Tortuga, Los Testigos, Las Aves and the National Park Mochima.

Magical beaches guarantee spaces to rest, peace and tranquility to all who travel on a holiday of total relaxation or in search of water sports fun-filled, adrenaline and totally unforgettable experience.

The coastal states of Venezuela are divided into three regions:

the West with Falcon, Carabobo and Zulia states;

the Center of the country where we find the state of Aragua, Vargas, Miranda and Los Roque;

and the East with Sucre, Nueva Esparta and Anzoátegui.

Each of these regions of the country has its unique charms, a peculiar population, and touristic sights off-set to visit.

For families in Venezuela, there are no vacations without "arenita playita" (sandy beachy) and the wide range of options that are in Venezuela make it a destination full of fun, relaxation and Caribbean magic locked within a framework of outstanding natural landscapes.

Traveling to beaches in Venezuela fills you with a welfare feeling that you experience with all your senses!


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