Archipelago Los Roques - Gran Roque Aerial view

Going on a trip involve finding new destinations or getting to visit those special places that both entertain and relax. But if it comes to finding new places, recommendations are the winners. Therefore, based on stories of tourists who have enjoyed the incredible adventure of their lives traveling to Los Roques, we wrote this short list of reasons to show you why you should cheer up to meet the most sensational tourist place of Venezuela and the Caribbean.

Enjoying Archipelago's wonderful aerial view from the plane when arriving or leaving Los Roques.

Treasure the endless serenety and turquoise clear waters of the islands.

Walking across the natural sand bridge in Cayo de Agua.

Eating a fresh lobster at Polito's (San Agustin island), Casa Marina (Francisqui island) or Juanita's Restaurant (Crasquí island).

Drinking a Mojito in Gran Roque beach shore.

Snorkeling in Francisqui's islands natural little pool.

Swimming with sea turtles in Noronquí island.

Enjoying local cuisine: lobster arepa (corn cake) and the best local and mediterranean food in the posadas.

Adopting a sea turtle in Dos Mosquises islands with @fundalosroques.

Walking up to Gran Roque lighthouse at sunrise or sunset and taking spectacular photos.

Walking barefoot along the quiet sandy streets of Gran Roque and enjoying its complete lack of cars and urban chaos.

Venturing in a water activity: kitesurfing, windsurfing, scuba diving, sport fishing, paddle… in Venezuela's most beautiful place, Los Roques.


We hope you are more than ever animated to visit this memorable islands and also, when traveling to Los Roques Archipelago enjoy every single moment and venture to carry out the activities recommended by! =)


Our followers and visitor's reasons to travel to Los Roques!

When you spend a night in a sailboat in Los Roques you feel you can grab the stars (suggested by @losroqueskoala)

Francisqui leave you breathless!! LosRoques has the greatest sea in the world #caribbean (suggested by @StefanoBig)



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