Canaima expedition: Kavac and Angel Fall's overflight

Arriving at Kavac campsite  | ***PHOTO BY ANTONIO HITCHER*** (all rights reserved)

After taking a close look at the dreamy Auyantepui with the highest waterfall in the world: the awe-inspiring Angel Fall with our 3 days and 2 nights expedition and as addition to this tour, take advantage of these days and escape into a journey like no other to discover many other wonders the western sector of the National Park Canaima offers...

The Kavac Cave with its sheltered waterfall, Mayupa beach with its pink sand, majestic tepuis while navigating on the rivers lined with beautiful vegetation, indigenous villages with its savannah and much, much more!


{jb_orangedisc}1{/jb_orangedisc}Kavac and its enigmatic waterfalls with overflight to Angel Fall!


• You'll depart from Canaima's airport in a Cessna 206 aircraft type with five seats for about 30 minutes and from where you'll enjoy a spectacular view! Rivers, forests, jungle, tepuis... all together to delight not only the eye but every single sense! 

 Within Kamarata Valley, located southeast of Auyantepui, is the native village of Kavac and landing is done in its small air strip. Kavac is a very tender village and its people welcome you with open arms with the love that characterizes indigenous communities in the area.

Kavac Cave in Venezuela - Travel to South America | ***PHOTO BY ANTONIO HITCHER*** (all rights reserved)

They are the ones that will guide you in this short but vibrant walk, where you'll be leaving the savannah behind to go deep into the jungle and enjoy colorful natural pools sheltered by a large vegetation to then reach the Kavac's cave that will first welcome you with a small pit that you'll swim to cross it to then reach the heart of the cave from which descends a sparkling waterfall embraced by huge ancient stone walls about 150 meters high... here it seems the colors also jump with exitement! 

Returning to the village of Kavac, you'll enjoy a delicious grilled chicken for lunch and then you can walk around admiring how cute is the village, buy local crafts or just relax ;)

Then you'll take the flight back, but this time…  with a short detour that takes you to fly over the top of Auyantepui to see from the top the majestic Angel Falls! this is… simply priceless and wordless... just feelings and admiration! :D


Price of the Tour

{jb_cart}USD 245 per person [minimun 4 persons to do this tour]{/jb_cart}



Approximate time: 4 hours and a half.

This tour can be done all year round.

Children pay full price as it is an air tour.

This tour requires a minimum of 4 people to be done.

Prices subject to change due to conditions outside our organization.


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