Tour to Angel Fall – Canaima: 3 days and 2 nights

Canaima Lagoon at Canaima National Park - Venezuela

Come and get to know one of the natural wonders offered by our beautiful Venezuela!

In just 3 days you will discover the beauty of waterfalls and table mountains (known in Venezuela as Tepuis or Tepuyes) sheltered by the Canaima Lagoon in its enigmatic waters.

Then see for yourself the world's highest waterfall that descends from the top of the Auyantepuy... Angel Falls! in the heart of the Venezuelan jungle.




{jb_quote}A journey filled with ancestral energy, good vibes and an overflowing nature for you to connect with our Mother Earth! :){/jb_quote}


{jb_orangedisc}1{/jb_orangedisc}Arrival and El Sapo waterfall


• The camp's staff will receive you at the Canaima airstrip, they will be wearing posada's t-shirts and the transfer is done in an orange jeep identified with the logo of the camp. Although it is enabled to carry passengers comfortably, you'll feel the thrill that an exciting expedition is just starting!

 With a duration of around 15 minutes, this transfer will cross the main red sandy streets of the town and the guide will explain you the most important features along the the way.

Next, you will start the rise on the jeep through a beautiful road surrounded by refreshing greenery that even comes to form gentle natural tunnels. Then, you'll go down from the rustic to see Ucaima's River headwater and here you'll feel the energy of the nature so close to you! This is one of our favorite parts ;) (Photos and videos? we have them!)

Back in the jeep and after about 5 minutes, you will arrive at Ucaima's Port where you'll take one of the canoes of the posada (called curiaras) for a sailing of approximately another 5 minutes until Ucaima's Camp, where you will enjoy, beside a delicious cocktail, a warm reception from the staff of the inn, then, you'll take lunch and time to rest a little bit before leaving to the tour to El Sapo water fall.

At El Sapo waterfall you'll walk behind this gorgeous waterfall, which originates on the river Carrao and after thousands of years of erosion have shaped a superb cave which is possible to walk through. It is an expedition that will leave you speechless, for being so close to the power of nature! 

Then, you'll return to the camp for dinner and relax walking around the posada, or just go to rest in their tender rooms.


{jb_yellowdisc}2{/jb_yellowdisc}Heading to Angel Fall



 You'll go out early next day, between 6 and 7 in the morning after a small snack at the hotel.

The team we'll be ready to take you on a canoe (curiara) upriver to Mayupa. In this course you will be escorted by the plateaus of tepuy Kurawaina, Kusari and Parakaupa, sublime companions that Mother Nature gives you...

Angel Fall in Canaima - Venezuela | ***PHOTO BY ANTONIO HITCHER*** (all rights reserved)

At the savanna of Mayupa, you'll do a short walk of about 30 minutes because it is not allowed the crossing of the curiaras with passengers on these river's rapid. Just after you get off the curiara, enjoy beautiful contrasting colors: red and black of the river (because of its minerals), the blue of the sky accompanied by white clouds, green background of tepui and the earth tones of the sand on the beach :D

From the top of this small mountain you'll enjoy a pleasing scenery and you'll be able to take beautiful radiant photos, in addition, there is a little shop of local handcrafts belonging to the indigenous community of Mayupa, where you can buy traditional souvenirs… that way, you'll be contributing with the residents of this small village. 

Then, you will take back the canoe to continue sailing up the river, through the Happiness Pit, a joyful and refreshing waterfall (which is also between our favorites) to continue to Orchid Island. In this way you will see as you approach more and more to the Auyantepuy and you'll be able to appreciate how great it is!

On the way, will be a stop for lunch, continuing Aonda's rapids to then go into the Churún River where you'll also pass through countless rapids, always accompanied by the majestic Auyantepuy.

Getting to the shelter in the afternoon, and very, very close to Angel Fall, you'll trek around one hour into the jungle through a natural trail of roots and rocks. Then, you'll arrive at Mirador Laime (viewpoint) from which, usually, everybody take pictures of the striking Angel Falls and where you can also sit to admire and thank nature for such an impressive super gift she is giving you! :)

Here you'll rest a little bit to then continue the walk to the natural pool of the waterfall and (if the water level allows it) you can take a dip in its cool waters. You will take a short break after the hike before returning to the shelter.

The team will prepare an exquisite grilled chicken (called here pollo en vara) for dinner to then, sleep in the shelter, the only one which offers beds to sleep in groups: an area for ladies and another one for gentlemen with shared bathrooms (the other camps only offer hammocks).


{jb_greendisc}3{/jb_greendisc}Return day...


 Breakfast and early in the morning you'll return to Canaima camp to then make the trip in canoe by the Canaima Lagoon to behold its impressive waterfalls

If time allows you can also visit sourvenirs stores

Departure to the airport at about 10 am.

End of the services offered on the tour.


{jb_camera}¿Want to see pictures and videos? Here we have some sets with videos and photos of Canaima and its lagoon, the Auyantepuy and Angel Fall! :) {/jb_camera}

{jb_info}This expedition is only available on the rainy season from June to January 15th, because that's the season when the canoes (curiaras) are able to sail through the rivers.{/jb_info}


Tour Prices
3 days / 2 nights | Canaima - Angel Fall

{jb_cart}USD 825 per person with air ticket from Puerto Ordaz - Canaima - Puerto Ordaz, accommodation in a posada (small hotel) on the Carrao River shore (2 Km. from Canaima Lagoon) and the second night at Angel Fall's shelter.{/jb_cart}


What's included?

Air ticket: Puerto Ordaz - Canaima - Puerto Ordaz. It is also posible to change (with a posible change in the price) the departure from Caracas with a flight to Canaima (with one stop at Puerto Ordaz), or it's also possible to departure directly from Ciudad Bolívar (with a change in the price). Contact us if you need to change the itinerary to send you the available options and their costs.

The camp or posada, as we call in Venezuela small hotels mainly managed by their owners, in Canaima is located at the Carrao River shore. Is beautiful, very cozy, nature brights in every corner. It even has a natural pool and a viewpoint where you can watch pleasant sunrises or take refreshing dips. 

Reception at Canaima air strip to take you to the posada or camp, first in a jeep and then in curiara.

Travel insurance while you are at Canaima.

Six (6) meals included: 2 breakfasts, 2 lunch and 2 dinners.


What's not included?

Airport taxes: at Puerto Ordaz airport, around USD $10 per person.

Canaima National Park entrance fee: Bs. 100 for venezuelans and students, Bs. 150 foreigners and Bs. 50 children under 12 years old.

Any kind of drink is included on the price, including alcoholic drinks.

Additional meals or food not specified above, as well as personal expenses.

Lunch for the last day (3rd) is not included in the package. There are restaurants that offer meal services in Canaima.

Tips, excursions, tours or additional accommodation nights not listed above.



VERY IMPORTANT: Read our Tips and recommendations for your travel to Canaima as well as some other useful information about this tours and expeditions.

This tour can only be done from June to December (rainy season).

This expedition is better suited for families with children older than 6 years.

 Itineraries may change depending on the group traveling conditions, weather, and their flight itineraries. So, the order of the routes and itinerary, specified above, may change.

 Prices subject to changes because of external conditions to our organization.

On the night sleeping at Angel Fall's shelter, you'll need to vacate the camp's room and return the key at the reception.{/jb_warning}


{jb_support}VERY IMPORTANT: Read our tips and recommendations for your travel to Canaima as well as other useful information about this tours and trips{/jb_support}

{jb_heart}Tours and expeditions to Canaima, Angel Fall and Kavac :) {/jb_heart}


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