Los Roques Scientific Foundation protecting sea turtles

Aligned with current trends in environmental awareness, protection of the planet and conservation practices, ecotourism is a travel alternative with the highest global growth in the tourism sector.

Awareness among travelerseducational, ethical and conscious tourismenvironmental and cultural respect toward local communities and especially setting up a responsible recreational industry; are some key features of a new and admirable vision that seeks sustainable development to preserve future vacation destinations.

The Archipelago of Los Roques is an ideal destination for lovers of ecological tourism, thanks to the comprehensive protection and preservation of all its natural beauty, declared as a National Park for nearly 40 years. Los Roques is the largest marine park around the Caribbean Sea which makes it very attractive for those looking to get in touch with nature without causing negative impacts on it.

What is fascinating about taking a holiday in this wonderful island in the Caribbean, in addition to direct contact with the exuberant and almost untouched natural resources, is that because its environmental protection practices, do not allow mass tourism, there are very few seats on the daily flights landing in the Gran Roque (Island where most of the population lives) and that promotes responsible tourism

In addition to the preservation work and surveillance performed by the National Parks Institute of Venezuela (INPARQUES), various biology foundations are devoted to the important work of taking care of this exceptional natural destination ecosystem. One of the most important conservation activities carried out by Fundación Científica Los Roques is to protect four species of turtles endangered worldwide, and that nest on these heavenly islands in Venezuela. In Cayo Dos Mosquises, the foundation makes educational presentations to a turtle adoption programs that raise awareness to tourists who visit Los Roques.

The best part of this global ecological note is that we are creating environmental awareness in our citizens, not just looking for alternatives to traditional tourism but are educated to become protectors and defenders of the natural resources provided by our beautiful country: Venezuela.

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