Los Roques - souvenir and gift stores - Marta's small shop

The Archipelago of Los Roques is overflowed with colors, an off-beaten path and full of nature. Souvenir stores in Gran Roque are not excluded from the above description. Colorful details, animal figures, magical paintings… everything with a super-special Caribbean style you won't resist!

Fresh clothes, precious textiles, notable local craft, birds and sea wildlife in myriad ways: magnets for refrigerators, paperweight, keychains, earrings, decorative boxes, pen holders, napkin rings, mugs, plates, paintings, games and lots of decorative items that evoke Los Roques wildlife.

There are shops to choose from such a small town of sandy streets, offering different styles and trends to please tourists traveling to the island: from stylish details to the hippest accessories, Hindu costumes, handmade bags and hats, in short, greetings for absolutely everyone.

We only have left to mention you some souvenir stores we invite you to visit when traveling to Los Roques, so there are no excuses for you to share with your friends and family a piece of your amazing adventure to the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean.

Some souvenir stores you can visit in the archipelago:


Los Roques - souvenir and gift stores - Marta's small shopMarta's little shop

In a small street that connects the Plaza Bolivar to the beach, in front of Posada Sol y Luna and sideway of Posada Natura Viva, next to this store there is also a bodeguita (small drugstore). Its facade is very colorful and is run by Marta and her young partner, both very friendly and offering an unsurpassed attention! This little store is very pretty, filled with details and its decoration reflects the great care and love that both ladies bestow to this special shop. Here you'll find clothes and all sorts of colorful souvenirs.



Los Roques - souvenir and gift stores - El Canto de la BallenaEl Canto de la Ballena (Song of the Whale)

In front of Gran Roque beach, on the west side of the island. About 5-10 minutes walk by the beachside from the airstrip or the pier, near National Guard house. In this shop you will find mainly clothes and jewelry. There's also a posada (lodge) and a cafe-bar with the same name... all of them full hippie style and good vibes!



Los Roques - souvenir and gift stores - AquarenaAquarena Café-Bar-Shop

Walking down the street that runs from the airstrip and along the lagoon, take the bridge on the left and a few steps before reaching the Plaza Bolivar is Aquarena. You can also walk by the seashore. Here you'll find souvenirs and small details. In Aquarena also operates one of the most popular nightlife places of Gran Roque so before you take a few cocktails visit the lobby and select the item that you like ;)



Los Roques - souvenir and gift stores - Marta's small shopLuna Blu

This little shop is just in front of Plaza Bolívar, next to Posada Doña Carmen. They sell ​​souvenirs and very cute ornaments though the man in charge wouldn't let us take pictures :(




It is unusual for Venezuelans travel within our own country and bring souvenirs to friends and loved ones. However, when we travel to a natural paradise so desired by all venezuelans such as Los Roques is when even the smallest detail of our itinerary is revealed to everybody around us.. who wouldn't? undertake the adventure of reaching the third most unspoiled spot in the world is a journey worthy of showing off to everyone! So, don't miss a visit to the little stores we suggested you ;)


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