Posada Karlin front door decoration to welcome Virgen del Valle

The Virgin del Valle is considered the patron saint of many towns in Latin America and Spain, every year, on September 8th is celebrated, in commemoration of Mary's Nativity, Virgen del Valle Festivities; and in the Archipelago of Los Roques this feasts adds on turquoise blue shades escorted by locals and tourists dancing around the celebration.

Days before, everybody gets ready for the big religious and cultural event held in Los Roques, and in no time dawn rises on September 8th in Gran Roque, a sandy streets town, with decorated front doors and an small altar in honor of the Virgin that protects them.

The long awaited day for the people of Gran Roque, especially by fishermen and boaters, is a cheerful expression of cultural activities, like traditional dances, parties, children's games and festivals throughout the week.

Boats caravan escorting Virgen del Valle from Crasqui to Gran Roque in Los RoquesThe big celebration is saved for September 8th when, from early hours, tourists, locals, fishermen, boaters and all visitors go to Crasquí island, eat, enjoy and pray at Juanita's Restaurant till around 4:00 pm when the Virgen del Valle is taken in Juanita's boat, specially decorated, to go to Gran Roque island and behind it a trace of boats escorting and accompanying their patron saint.

Before getting to Gran Roque's beach front all boats with their passengers visit the monument to the Virgin, found behind the island (a small cave embedded in the mountain), from there all the boats toward for the village's Church to take their Virgen del Valle into the church while singing, and full of joy. Is one of the most enthusiastic and vibrant religious celebration in Venezuela. After entering the church commemorates the traditional Mass and to then go on a procession with the 4 virgins who take care of Los Roques.

All along the motivating pilgrimage, through every village street, the 4 Virgins stops in front of every house that have placed a special decorated altar with the house's Virgin. The 4 Virgins give a greeting and blessing to the Virgin that protects the house, all this under a merry atmosphere with songs and gentle dances which ends with some fireworks.

If you want to be part of such a special tradition plan your travel ahead, so your trip matches with this journey of joy, religion and culture characteristic of Caribbean islands!


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