New years eve in Los Roques!Without any doubt, the most requested date to travel to Los Roques is the end of the year, usually in September all the guest houses are already full! And of course! who wouldn't want to receive the new year in this caribbean paradise? To start it with pure, energizing and all the good vibes that these crystalline waters offer you! :)

So, if you want to welcome the New Year in our Caribbean paradise is helpful to consider the following recommendations:


1Plan ahead...
Planning ahead a trip makes things so much easier... specially for high seasons, that way we can offer you more options for you to select the one that best suits your tastes and needs.

2"Waiting lists"
In case you contact us in advance, but the lodges have not yet published their prices, we will log your request in our agenda to contact you as soon as the rates are published... you can count on this! :)

Due to the high inflation rate, hotels are not publishing their prices ahead... actually, they are being published only with one month in advance. However, please contact us to have you present and comment you in detail how they are handling the reservations for these dates. 

4Minimun nights
PUsually, guest houses require a minimum of nights at peak seasons... for new years eve, this minimum is about six nights... of course, it depends on each hotel policies, but that is the usual amount of days.

5Type of hotels
We work with lodges belonging to the "VIP" category, which are the most luxurious in Los Roques and also with lodges belonging to the category "Superior" whose service is also very good at a lower price than those in the VIP category.

6Additional services
At New years eve and Christmas Night guest houses in Los Roques typically charge an extra fee for the special dinner on December 24 and December 31st. Each case is different and these prices are generally disclosed in late November or early December.

7Other important information
As the island is at its maximum capacity for these dates (is not crowded at all because its maximum capacity is just about 400 rooms) some services can collapse such as electricity, water and supplies... usually, the lodges make their best effort and customers don't even notice what happens "backstage"... we have a good article about it here ;) Ah! very important, on the first of January transfer to the islands is only available for the nearby ones... boatmen don't go to far keys that day :/

{jb_star}How is the New Years Eve in Los Roques?
It's a relative quiet night, but of course! everybody is happy and waiting the new year to come. However, do not expect a big party with orchestra and as we say in Venezuela... with bells and whistles. There everything is simple, it is very enjoyable but flashiness, there are some fireworks, not much because remember that we are in a national park. The most wonderful thing of all is to welcome the new year with your bare feet on the shore of Gran Roque with the sound of the sea in the background, traditional music coming from the plaza and waiting anxious to go on the first day of the year to soak our bodies in the warm water of one of the nearby islands! that is priceless!{/jb_star}


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