Posadas in Los Roques: services, packages and options

Rooms at Hotel Il Pelicano in Los Roques

The vast majority of the inns or hotels (known as "posadas") of Los Roques is located on El Gran Roque, the main island of Los Roques, and despite the small size of this island, about 60 posadas offer lodging and accommodation services to visitors and tourists from all over the world.

Hotels of this Venezuelan tourist destination offer their services in no more than 2 floors houses (National Park regulations). Generally, rooms are located on the first floor, leaving the second one (when available) to offer tourists cozy terraces or as a service area.

It is common to hear the categorization of Los Roques' inns under the following classification:

1 Superior VIP

To this category belong the best hotels in Los Roques, in addition to the services offered by those belonging to the "superior and standard" categories (see below numbers 2 and 3), this accommodation options go a bit further, especially regarding to their facilities, exquisite cuisine for dinners, quality of their supplies and devices such as sheets and blankets, bathrooms taps, closets, televisions, and generally have a very good taste with their decoration.

Among the inns we work the most and belonging to this "VIP" category in Los Roques we found: Mediterráneo, Natura Viva, Acuarela, Los Kankises, ArrecifeIl Pelicano. In summary, these hotels offer a "luxury" service to the extent that it is possible to provide in Los Roques.

2 Superior

Into this category fit the mayority of the posadas in Los Roques. While not as luxurious as the "superior VIP", they offer good service and in general, their facilities are also outstanding. The inns we work the most belonging to this category are: Va Pensiero, Tropicana, Corsaria, Turquesa, Terramar and Cayo Luna, among others.

3 Standard

The simplest inns in Los Roques go inside this category, usually belonging to roqueños (people born in Los Roques). These posadas offer a good service too, usually their attention to guests is very good too; but in fact, the quality of the infrastructure and supplies is a little bit lower than the previous two categories. Another difference is that generally, these inns do not offer full board packages, but only half board or bed & breakfast.


Finally, in Los Roques there are inns/hotels for every taste and budget! Please contact us so that according to what you need or looking for, we can offer you the option that best suits you!