Canaima, Angel Fall and Kavac... Starting 2012 with new destinations!

Hacha Water Fall at Canaima Lagoon - Venezuela¡We started 2012 with renewed energy! and new destinations from our beautiful Venezuela to offer to our clients and friends :)

We are just putting together the information and organizing the photos we took in our exploration trip to Canaima to include them here in our web page... so, we'll soon publish a lot of information about this wonderful venezuelan destination and also about the excursions or trips to nearby tourist attractions as the waterfalls found at the lagoon (Ucaima, Wadaima, Las Golondrinas, Hacha), El Sapo water fall, Kavac and of course... Angel Falls!

We had quite a time without updating our site but now we come back after a month we took to rest a little bit and also planning our new destinations for 2012! ;) in about one week we'll have the information ready, but if you would like information before we publish it you know you can contact us to offer you a preview... 



We already have the information about trips to Canaima online! take a look at it! We got information about the tours and expeditions, a lot of photos and videos, as well as tips and recommendations for this type of journeys in the hearth of the venezuelan jungle!