Useful applications for iPhone travelers


The past decade marked the birth of what is called the technological era that, although framed in the manufacture of a large number of electronic devices, the main change lies in the way we now communicate.

To help us in everything we do every day and give us a complete communication by any means, at any moment and anywhere in the world, smartphones like the Apple iPhone are great life partners.



If you want an ally when going on holiday and traveling to your favorite destination, there are now plenty of free and paid applications you can download onto your iPhone to get the most out of your trip and provide you with many tasks that will optimize the time of your vacation.

If you are looking to communicate, learn, locate sites, take pictures to send to your friends, have on hand a tourism guidebook and more, on this list you'll surely find applications for iPhone travelers that best suit your needs:

1. Lonely Planet: application with a comprehensive guide to travel anywhere in the world. Lists of hotels, restaurants, guided tours and sightseeing suggestions that even doesn't need connection to the network, once downloaded can be used without fear of the phone bill. (Cost: $7 per city)

2. Next Flight: application to track over 4,200 airlines and 1,100 airports (Cost: $ 2.99)

3. Urbanspoon: Discover this robust functionality guide to find the best restaurants in the U.S., Canada, UK and Australia. (Free)

4. Google Earth: Complete application with a world atlas with satellite photos, road maps and 3D views from any corner of the earth. (Free)

5 HearPlanet: a tool that shows us sights of interest that we have just a few steps away, and it even recites a wikipedia entry aloud. (Cost: $ 5.99)

6. Word Lens: instantly translates text you capture with the camera phone and displays it right away on the screen, replacing the text we want to translate. (Cost: $ 5.60)

7. Air Sharing: application to save web pages and text files to read quickly at any time and anywhere without needing a network connection. (Cost: $ 4.99)

8. Skype: calls to other Skype users for free or conventional telephones for very few money. Just look for an open WiFi access point in the hotel or coffee shop. (Free)

9. Tweetie: fit Twitter to your trip , to easily send vacation photos and witty comments. (Cost: $ 2.99)

10. Wikihood: This application seeks our geographical position and offers a summary of all buildings, monuments, geographical landmarks and historical sights of the area where we are. (Free)

11. IAmHere: just a stooge of where we are, it sends our friends an email with a link to Google Maps. (Cost: $ 0.99)

12. Currency: application to know the current exchange rate between currencies.(Free)

13. Wi-Fi Finder: application that anticipates places of the world where to find network to connect through WiFi. (Free)

14. Units: simple free tool to convert all measures and does not require connection to the network. (Free)

15. The Weather Channel: Everything you need to know the time, with the option to customize and adapt it to our trip. (Free)

16. Stanza: is an electronic book reader that has access to an impressive collection of free classics and stores with the latest publications. (Free)

17. Packing: a tool to help us pack, creating lists of items to not forget anything. (Cost: $ 1.99)

18. Flight Track: real time information of the status of flights by major airlines and airports around the world. Reports boarding gates, can be synchronized with the calendar and combines flight data with weather maps. (Cost: Depending on the network platform)

19. Room: The best way to memorize our room number or hotel keys. (Free)

20. Weatherbug: is an application to know the weather with an incredible level of certainty. Able to forecast even the time when first drops will start to fall. (Free)

21. FlightTrack Pro: For frequent travelers, announces flight confirmations and itineraries (Cost: $ 9.99)

22. AirBnb: a web service to find apartments and rooms rented by individuals through the network. (Free)

23. Lonely Planet Phrasebook: an application that will get us out of trouble with the language, with a list of translated phrases that we can hear at the moment and repeat.(Cost: $ 9.99)

24. Free Wi-Fi finder: 1,450,000 free connection points. Includes the "near of…" (Free)

25. Boingo Wi-Finder: application that also allows you to find hundreds of thousands of hotspots worldwide, airports, shops, hotels, plazas. (Free)


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