Tips to save money to travelAlthough we are fully confident that a travel to Los Roques Archipelago is a venezuelans' dream, we clearly understand which is one of the first variables that affects us when choosing our holiday destination: the price.

There are several reasons why to travel to National Park Archipelago of Los Roques is so difficult for venezuelans and definitely is related to the high price of a holiday in this spectacular island. What many don't realize in this regard is that undoubtedly the cost-benefit goes far beyond what we can imagine, few countries in the world can enjoy and preserve such beautiful and natural places with the unique features of Los Roques.

To help fulfill one of venezuelans' big dream, as well as our friends from other countries, we wanted to gather some saving tips that we hope will help not only when planning and finally make the decision to adventure to the largest Archipelago in the Caribbean but also when planning any trip you dream of!


Credit cards!

Before putting a fixed monthly savings goal, first, check your credit cards, otherwise first devote yourself to this work so that the interests do not generate more debt than what you're starting to save.


Make a budget with your monthly expenses

This lets you know in what you're spending the money, to know more precisely in which items you can save, and to moderate your spending a bit more, furthermore, this way, its easier to avoid spending more money than what you are getting and also lets you to better organize your purchases.


Pay yourself ;)

When you receive your wages and before paying bills, pay yourself a fixed amount you set for savings. You can also establish a family pot in which each member contributes. It is not necessary to be a high amount, with small fees, you can achieve the goal! For example, if you save $25 twice a month, in 6 months you would have saved air ticket cost (departing from Maiquetía-Caracas) to Los Roques (prices at the moment of this article release) and the flight is the most expensive item! So, with that amount you'll already have a good part of the path :)

Another thing, you can use electronic means to keep that money in a savings account (we'll call it the "traveling account") and is better than this account is completely separate from your checking. It is even better, if you're a shopaholic, as many of us in Venezuela, don't even keep a debit card for this account.


Turn a bit of your shoppings into trip opportunities!

This is a highlight for Venezuelans ;) but, is totally achievable! For your own inspiration, you can place a photo of Los Roques or your dreamed destination in your room, purse or wallet, and even as a wallpaper on your mobile phone… every time you're tempted to buy a product that is not really necessary go and look this picture! and transfer the corresponding amount of that "discarded" purchase to your "traveling account" right away. Imagine everything that can go into that account if you stop buying a handbag or shoes that are not essential when with the ones you already have you can survive without any problem.


Consume or use fewer services or products

This item is closely related to environmental awareness. Start saving in energy and other services like phone bills and you'll also be contributing to saving the planet, so your children can also enjoy these dreamed destinations :)

Currently, there are several public awareness campaigns offering several tips, start to apply them and compare your consumption with previous months, then we go back to our "traveling account"... immediately transfer the amount saved! Although at first glance this will see an insignificant amount (for us in Venezuela where this services are cheap) in the medium term you'll see a valuable saving.


Eating outside is delicious and comfortable, but ...

If you are a person who regularly eat outside home, reduce it to the fullest because it involves spending a lot more, than if you bring your food cooked to work. If you find it very hard to do, try at least a couple of times a week and you'll see how your "traveling account" grows quickly, which will motivate you to do it more times per week. Here we can recommend you to cook most of the food on weekends so you wont have to get tired from work to cook on weekdays.


Put your creativity to work!

There are many other ways to save, depending on each person, some strategies are more suited than the others. Analyze your case and choose which are your best options. For example, if you buy coffee every morning at the bakery, that now accounts for $1,25 which when multiplied by 20 working days totals $25 per month! and if you multiply this amount by 6 months of savings, represents one night of accommodation in a superior posada (lodge)... so, instead of buying coffee in a bakery you can take it already prepared in a thermal container or take it at home before going to work. Similarly, if you regularly take taxis, or if you go to the cinema 4 times a month, try doing only 2 or 3 times a month, if you do not use coupons, start now! If you make international calls, try using Skype or any other similar application, is much cheaper. Well, there are many ways to save, apply the most suited to your particular case.


Take advantage of low season

Whenever possible, travel on week days or in low season and plan your travels in advance. It's cheaper and is more likely to find lower prices and savings opportunities. On our web site we publish packages for these seasons.


The options pointed here are just small but totally worth sacrifices. They allow us to travel and to become true dreamed trips that leave us experiences, memories and feelings that'll accompany us the rest of our lives! Moreover, travel rejuvenate and provide us numerous benefits to our health! Remember that after reaching a destination we desire so much as Los Roques, nature is your host, feel free to explore it!


And you... how do you save? Share your tips by sending us a comment!

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