Tips for making light-weight luggage

Tips to light your luggage

To know how to reduce the weight of your luggage can free you of extra charges for load excess, muscle tension caused by loading or rolling so many kilos, it will help you gain access to cheaper airline tickets and gives you the opportunity to reach untouched natural places only reached by small airplanes or light aircraft.

Traveling to the Archipelago of Los Roques in Venezuela is a fascinating experience, but one of the requirements of the airlines operating the route to this group of spectacular islands is that the baggage allowance is 10 Kg, which requires our tourists to take strictly what is necessary and for this we have some tips for preparing lightweight suitcases

Scan and keep a digital copy of the maps of your destination and make use of traveling applications that you can install on your smartphone, that will save space and weight in your luggage.

All personal hygienic products now come in small version, take advantage of it and take with you toothpaste, shampoo, soaps and creams in its small size to fill quite less space and spend all of it during your trip. Remember that you will bring back souvenirs and is not necessary that you'll come back with all the items of personal hygiene.

Arrange sets of clothes to use and combine the items you can reuse, count the exact days you will spend on your vacations and take with you only the necessary, those items you carry "just in case" almost always return unused.

Before traveling, call or write an email to the hotel, guest house or accommodation to check if they already have towels, sheets, pillows, etc. which are not necessary to carry in your bag if they come with the room.

Take neutral colors that allow greater combinations, especially if you are female. White, black, brown and in general light colors will help you to take less clothes.

If you travel to beaches, double-sided swimsuit or combined with other pieces are actually a very practical option and will also reduce your weight in your suitcase.

While trying to reduce the luggage, be sure to carry a second pair of shoes. Travel with the heaviest ones on and another couple of lighter, neutral color in your suitcase so you can combine it with all your clothes.

Carry the heaviest clothes on, if you travel to a beach destination but taking also jeans and sweater, travel with them on the flight days, it will prevent much extra weight.

Choose the right suitcase, you shouldn't carry the rigid ones that weigh much more, while smaller and lighter the luggage, the better.

Leave your memories, problems, work, prejudices and all that should not go on vacation, you may not believe it, but that also weighs and makes you drag unnecessary things. Simplify the way you are and surrender to the divine experience of knowing and being true without heavy luggage, out of ideas to flood your mind and most importantly, letting your journey to be a complete relaxation.


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