110517_losroques_relax-vacationsNumerous worldwide studies note the significant benefits that we get by taking a few days off work.

Opposed to traditional beliefs, long vacations are not to be the most restful and healthy, because their effect disappears on a short-term and discouragement at work reappears after just 2 weeks. What the experts suggest is to take short breaks several times a year.

The second key to maximize our vacation and to achieve a greater sense of long-term welfare is directly tied to relax during those days of break, and a third factor to reduce distress levels is to include in the itinerary any learning experience.

To increase our well being and reduce stress levels, what better excuse to take some days of total relaxation on a set of islands where just natural sounds as a strong and refreshing breeze or the wildlife playing with the singing of birds, will fulfill that holiday recipe indications that will make us more productive persons

Indeed, there is a place full of caribbean magic blended with a stunning scenery to ensure your total relaxation: Los Roques, Venezuela. And for learning experiences the archipelago has a wide range of activities to suit all tastes. For adventurers and lovers of the extreme, we recommend courses to start kitesurfing and windsurfing. For those who want something quieter but at the same time something to immerse them in a new world, diving lessons are great. Those seeking mental and body balance on Los Roques’ peaceful sea, don’t miss paddle safari

Landscape photography classes, lectures on natural resource conservation and wildlife of Los Roques, local culture, learn to fish, between others are part of a wide range of options you can experiment to instruct you on something new and to live an unforgettable holiday that will maximize your working productivity.

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